Blog #15 Conclusion

As I am coming to a closing conclusion on my senior exhibition I have discovered that the more I volunteer and am around individuals who are hospitalized, the more I find social networking to be a positive influence on patients. Volunteering has made me realize how many people are diagnosed with diseases and how life changing and difficult that may be. Creating a social networking site, this will allow for the patients to have a positive way to cope with his or her illness. Not only will they be able to cope with their illness but also they will be able to find others with the same illness. I’ve consider maybe having doctors who specialize in certain fields of medicine being tied with different patients allowing the patient to have an “online doctor” to converse with. I don’t know how possible this would be, but it’s definitely worth a shot. I am getting more and more excited about presenting my topic as we move closer to the month of May. I am interested to see how I will set up my whole website and how I will allow for outside people to see it. Although this is my last blog, I will continue to post blogs so I can keep others updated on my ideas and so I can also receive constructive feedback. So far, I have received great feedback that has allowed me to alter my projects hypothesis and product positively. By doing so, this will allow the patients who create webpages to have a more positive experience on “The Health Network.” 


2 thoughts on “Blog #15 Conclusion

  1. Congratulations on finishing your last mandatory blog. It has been amazing to watch the progress from the early steps of your to now. Have you talked to any doctors already who said they would be willing to be “online doctors” for you? Im glad you have to decided to continue posting these blogs because reading them has become a sort of weekly ritual for me. Good luck on the rest of your project!

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