Blog #11 Website

As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, I am creating a website for my senior exhibition. My website is going to be called “The Health Network”. 

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working on website layouts with my father. I have come to the conclusion that the webpage will be centered around a “medical” themed layout rather than a social themed layout. The website itself will allow for people with sicknesses to create an account and interact with others who have the same problems. I want to attract outside sources to my webpage, so they can donate their time and money to certain patients. Not only will outside sources be able to donate money but, they will also be able to host fundraisers in order to raise money for specific diseases that can fund any patient in need with that disease. I also plan to speak with someone in charge of Medical webpage such as MUSC webpage to possibly get my website linked onto their website. This would allow for more people to hear about my website. 

Within the next couple of weeks, I will be focusing on the layout of my website and how I manage to bring it all together. As I continue working on my project I keep bringing myself to my essential question which is “How does social networking affect the medical industry to help those in need of medical care?” Within the last couple of months I have seen that social networking affects more people positively than negatively. In my next blog I will talk more about how my project is expanding and how I see my essential question affecting the public. 


One thought on “Blog #11 Website

  1. Do you plan to get any outside help with making your website? I know you spent a semester in applied technology but it can still be difficult to put together an entire website by yourself. If you dont have two experts already you could even find someone specialized in making websites and make that person one of your experts. Also, is your website open to not only people who are ill at present, but also those who have gone into remission. People that went into remission would be good people to have on your website because they have been through everything that the patients have, and would be able to sympathize better. As the creator of this website, do you control everything that happens on it, after it had been created? For instance you mentioned people creating fundraisers. Do those fundraisers happen independently of you, or do you take the people who want to have fundraisers and help them piece it together?

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