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Blog #8 Future Project Plans

As I have stated in previous blogs, the goal of my project is to support others also allowing patient-to-patient referrals. Within the past couple of months, I have done a lot of thinking about how I am going to approach setting up my website (the product). In order to create my webpage, I must become more knowledgeable on my topic (essential question). With that being said, I am setting up my site visit with MUSC. Because I volunteer at MUSC every Monday evening, I plan to speak with the doctor’s as well as some of the nurses. To be more specific, I will be speaking with doctors and nurse technicians who specialize in hematology and oncology. When speaking to them, I will ask for advice as well as their opinions on how they think social networking influences the medical industry. Not only am I speaking with doctors or nurses about my topic, but I am also receiving feedback from patients on a website called On this website patients with the same sicknesses can interact with each other. I created a webpage to find a way to communicate with the patients and to see how social networking has affected them. For my project, I also plan to survey a group of individuals who have or are diagnosed with a certain disease or sickness. By surveying these individuals I plan to discover how effective social media can be.

      Every week, I plan on researching different information about my topic through Google and the library. So far, I am content with my project and can’t wait to see how it expands and what others get out of my project.


Blog#7 My Thoughts

Within the past couple of weeks, I have received a great amount of feedback. This feedback is more than helpful! The more I research and receive feedback about my topic, the more excited I get about my project! I would like to thank those who have given me feedback and constructive criticism. By mentioning my project to various people, my website (the product to my essential question) has the ability to expand and be more effective (positively).

I have taken into consideration that with there being many health social networking sites on the world wide wed, having a website where people can access all of these sites in one place would be ideal. My goal is to create a website that will allow patient interactions as well as support from outside sources. In addition to this website, there will be a list of other accessible health social networking sites. This will allow a quicker and easier way for patients to access these sites. My website will also offer a private online journal. In order to “sign up” on my website, certain detailed personal information will be required from the patients and outside sources for precaution. I want to ensure that anyone who has access to this website has good intentions only.

This website will also focus on ALL sicknesses and/or diseases. Although my website is mainly for people who suffer from sicknesses/diseases, this website will also affect loved ones (friends or family) positively by providing them with moral support.

Again, I appreciate every bit of feedback! Feedback is a great way to improve my project. I hope my project will continue to expand and hopefully this will be something exciting for everyone to get involved in!