The Product

For my product, I plan to create a health social networking site that influences those in need of medical care positively. The websites purpose will essentially allow outside sources to help certain individuals (patients) who may not be able to afford his or her medical bills. In addition, these outside sources will be allowed to send their patient gifts or letters, and they will also be able to visit with their patient. I want to increase the awareness of those in need of medical care through my website.  My goal is to show patients that there are people who care and that there is hope. My exhibition revolves around the idea of bringing attention to those in need of medical care through social networking. With that being said,  my product must show that I have an understanding of the medical field and the ability to put that knowledge to good use. My product will enhance the knowledge of the human population by informing them of certain diseases or sicknesses that people may have and that these are usually life-threatening.

After my initial research I don’t think that there is another website where an individual can “adopt” a patient. There are blog spots where patients or people can interact with each other. While doing my research, I came across a website called In my last blog, I mentioned how their mission is to amplify love, hope, and compassion. However, my website will allow individuals to essential “pick” a patient to care for. By creating my website, I want to show the strong passion I have for the medical industry.