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Blog #9 Meeting

Wednesday morning, I had a meeting with my advisor. We discussed potential website set-ups along with possible site-visits. I have come to the conclusion that my website will be divided into categories for patients with similar diseases. This way, outside sources will be able to access the patient’s webpage in a quick manner. On the patient’s webpage, the outside source will be able to fund to their medical bills, send them gifts, and possibly visit their patient depending on his or her condition. I will also have a  “journal” for the patients. The journal will be for the patients only and they will have the option of making a specific journal public or not. The journal is a safe place where patient’s can talk about their disease or sickness as a way of coping. Journals that are made public will be available for outsiders to leave POSITIVE feedback. My website will also be an “umbrella” site where any individual can access other health social networking sites from my website. My website will essentially allow the process for searching for “coping” websites or social networking sites much more feasible and quicker. My website will allow CERTIFIED (meaning they went through a background check and test process) volunteers to host events to raise money for certain categories from the website or possibly even certain people.

In the meeting with my advisor, we thought it would be a good idea to look into getting my website link on a medical university’s website such as MUSC hospital. This way people would be more willing to visit my site.

As this is progressively coming together, I will be discussing my ideas with the nurses and doctors that I volunteer with on Monday nights. This will allow me to gain a better insight on my project. I plan to start my website over the holiday break as well as my research paper.