Archive | September 2012

The Beginning: Topic.

For the past couple of years, my mind has been set on becoming a doctor. More specifically, I am interested in becoming a radiologist, surgeon, or anesthesiologist. Last summer, I shadowed two doctors who specialize in primary care. Through this process, I learned a lot about the field and more importantly this process assured my thoughts on becoming a doctor. I am currently volunteering at MUSC in the Hemoglobin and oncology department. I want to do as much as I can in my community to help others and to gain more knowledge on the career path I want to take.

I chose my Senior Exhibition to not only learn about something that will be a big part of my future, but to increase my knowledge and to help bring attention to those in need of medical attention. With that being said, I am interested in how social networking influences the medical industry to help those in need of medical care. Doing this project I hope to learn more about myself and others. By creating my product (the answer to my essential question) my goal is to bring attention to those in need of medical care through social media. Through this year-long process I believe I can benefit from a project that has the potential to be something incredible. I yearn to know what the future holds; however, by doing this exhibition my desires of becoming a doctor will increase immensely.