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Blog #15 Conclusion

As I am coming to a closing conclusion on my senior exhibition I have discovered that the more I volunteer and am around individuals who are hospitalized, the more I find social networking to be a positive influence on patients. Volunteering has made me realize how many people are diagnosed with diseases and how life changing and difficult that may be. Creating a social networking site, this will allow for the patients to have a positive way to cope with his or her illness. Not only will they be able to cope with their illness but also they will be able to find others with the same illness. I’ve consider maybe having doctors who specialize in certain fields of medicine being tied with different patients allowing the patient to have an “online doctor” to converse with. I don’t know how possible this would be, but it’s definitely worth a shot. I am getting more and more excited about presenting my topic as we move closer to the month of May. I am interested to see how I will set up my whole website and how I will allow for outside people to see it. Although this is my last blog, I will continue to post blogs so I can keep others updated on my ideas and so I can also receive constructive feedback. So far, I have received great feedback that has allowed me to alter my projects hypothesis and product positively. By doing so, this will allow the patients who create webpages to have a more positive experience on “The Health Network.” 


Blog #14 Feedback

While volunteering at the hospital, I have spoken with multiple doctors, nurses, technicians, and secretaries about my essential question. They have all given me constructive feedback. The secretary named Donna Lewis who works with patients, technicians and doctors daily said that “social networking is important because patients should have easier access to websites that allow them to gain more information on their sickness.” Donna also mentioned “What do you do about alternatives with people who don’t have access to the internet. What do you do to help them?” Many doctors I have spoken with believe that a website such as “The Health Network”,, or can affect patients in a positive way as long as they are being used in the right way by the right people. In order to make sure that only positive feedback is given to the patients, every patient will get a questions sheet about them that they will be required to fill out. I want to make sure that my website is effective but safe and most importantly POSITIVE.
Now that I have received an an immense amount of constructive criticism and feedback, this will help me strengthen my senior exhibition. The last step of my project is my website like I mentioned in my previous blog. I will need feedback on how to organize my website and what themes I should use. For instance, should I have a social media based website or a website strategically focused on medicine in order to capture people’s attention? I also plan to make my website public to where others will see it and want to use it. Multiple people have offered advice about possibly getting a link to my webpage put on Medical University of South Carolina’s website. All of these “opinions” are going to be taken in to great consideration. My question now is “how do I go about accomplishing all of this?”

Blog #13 Success

For my thirteenth blog, I am going to talk about the success of my project. All year long, I have been focused on getting substantial research, receiving feedback from outside sources, and most importantly how this project has affected me as a person as well as my reasoning for continuing to pursue my topic.

So far, my exhibition has been a great success. I have an abundant amount of sources to allow me to be better educate myself about my essential question and my product. I have efficiently finished the rough draft for my research paper that has allowed me to come to conclusions for the answer to my essential question.

For the remaining part of the year, I plan to focus more on bringing the website (my product) together and making sure that it has all the information it needs to in order to educate others. Not only is my goal to educate others about my topic but, to efficiently help others in need through social networking.

Focusing on this project has made me become more aware of certain things in the medical field. The research I have done, feedback I have received, and people I have talked to have increased my interests in studying medicine. The passion that I have for this project and the medical industry is unspeakable. I can only hope that I continue to learn more about my topic.

          I have everything up to date that I need to for my project. Now, I am going to focus on getting my website up and running. I have already come to conclusions for my essential question and I look forward to presenting my topic to the student body at the end of the school year.