Blog #10 Site Visit

As I have stated before, I volunteer at the Medical University of South Carolina every Monday night. For this reasoning, I have decided to complete my site visit there. My peers and myself included are required to do a site visit for our Senior Exhibition. A site visit is simply a visit to relevant sites related to our Senior Exhibition topic. As we our encouraged to complete more than one site visit, I plan to make volunteering on Monday night’s a greater experience by discovering more about my topic (The Health Network).

While volunteering at MUSC for the past couple of months while focusing on my Senior Exhibition, I have discovered different scopes of social networking and how it influences patients. I have become closer with the nurses, technicians, secretaries, doctors, and most importantly the patients. By doing so, I have created a relationship where I can communicate efficiently about the influences of social networking on patients.

So far, I have learned and received an immense amount of information to help me to further my project. While volunteering, I’ve had multiple secretaries and doctors look at my blog as I educated them on the importance of my project. Every one of them had a helpful amount of criticism to offer. This censure will strengthen my project in areas it needs improvement. As the senior class is required to have their site visit completed by Friday, January 11, I will continue to receive constructive advice and criticism from individuals at my site visit.


2 thoughts on “Blog #10 Site Visit

  1. I think you have a great advantage over the other seniors in your class mia because you have basically been doing site visits all year. Most of the people in our class are only going to make one or two site visits, myself included, but you get the full benefit. Also, on site visits many people are only going to talk to one person at that site, while as you said, you get to talk to nurses, technicians, secretaries, doctors, and even patients. This is going to be very helpful later on in your project.

    • Matthew,
      Your feedback is extremely appreciated! Thank you for continuing to offer advice, constructive criticism, while noting the advantages I have with my project. I cannot thank you enough! I wish you well will your senior exhibition! I can’t wait to see what you will accomplish!

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